I am an art student from Dublin, Ireland. I am a 3rd Year Textile Fine Art student at NCAD, Dublin. I just returned from erasmus, studying Fine Art at the Minerva Academy, Groningen, The Netherlands (2018/2019).

 My work is centred around dress and religion. I continue to do extensive research into the symbols within dress and symbols in religious art. I am fascinated by human kind's need to assert their power through dress and using this to understand human behaviour. Growing up in a Catholic country and witnessing the power the Catholic church has over my country, influences my work. I deal with a lot of issues within the church and to perhaps bring to light a need for separation of church and state in my country. I am still developing as an artist but I have become very passionate about such topics. I am a multi-disciplinary artist yet textiles is a running theme throughout all of my work.